Come to Karimunjawa without any worries!

Would you like to visit Karimunjawa, but are you struggling to find out how to get there? We can help buy the fast boat ticket from Jepara to Karimunjawa (and back) in advance.

Easy to book online

Send us your request and we will buy the boat ticket for you. On the day of departure we will meet you one hour in advance in the Kartini Jepara Harbor to give you the boat tickets.

No queue

Avoid the queuing! You only need to come to the harbor in Jepara or Karimunjawa one hour in advance. Especially in the high season this can save you hours of waiting and a lot of struggle at the harbor.

Be sure of a ticket

Avoid disappointment on the day of departure by booking your ticket in advance to be guaranteed a seat on the boat. This is especially important during the high season, as tickets are often sold out fast.

Why do we offer this service?

Our experience is that many tourists struggle with booking boat tickets to Karimunjawa. The information online is not written in English, not up-to-date or there is conflicting information on various websites. For foreign tourists it is also not possible to buy the tickets in advance, because the company that sells them requires payment at the moment of booking. The office can’t receive International payments. That is why we offer this service, so you can easily transfer money to us and we will buy the ticket with a direct cash payment for you. On the day of departure we will meet you one hour in advance in the harbor to give you the boat ticket. When you buy the boat ticket on the day by yourself, the price is IDR 162.000 + IDR 2.000 insurance. When you book your boat ticket in advance with us, you pay an extra service cost of IDR 61.000 (one way).

This service is only available for the fast boat from and to Jepara. Unfortunately we can’t help you book the tickets in case you want to travel from Semarang or with the slow boat from Jepara.