Travel to Karimunjawa without any worries!

Would you like to visit Karimunjawa, but are you struggling to find out how to get there? We can help you out!
You can buy boat tickets online in the Bahari Express app, but this app is not available outside of Indonesia and only excepts payments from Indonesian bankaccounts. For foreign tourists we offer a service to buy the boat tickets for you. We can buy the tickets from Jepara to Karimunjawa or from Karimunjawa to Jepara in advance. Beside that we can also arrange transportation from and to Jepara or a full package including accommodation, transport, tours, food and drinks. This is a service from hotel The Happinezz Hills Karimunjawa, but available for everyone who would like to visit Karimunjawa. We are an official registered hotel & tour operator since 2015.


Once the payment for your boat ticket is received, we will provide you with a promo code off 10% discount on a room at Hotel & Restaurant The Happinezz Hills!

Why do we offer this boat ticket service?

Avoid disappointment on the day of departure to Karimunjawa by booking your ticket in advance. This guarantees you to have a seat on the boat. Especially during the high season, it is important to buy your tickets is advance as during that time tickets are very often sold out. It is our experience that many tourists struggle to book the boat tickets to Karimunjawa in advance. For foreign tourists it is not possible to buy the tickets in advance, because the company that sells them requires payment at the moment of booking but the office can’t receive international payments. Beside that is the information for buying a ticket online not written in English, mostly not up-to-date or you find conflicting information on various websites. For all these reasons we offer the service to buy the ticket for you. You can relax, you only have to fill in the form and transfer the money to us and we will buy the ticket for you.

This service is only available for the fast boat from and to Jepara. Unfortunately, we can’t help youto buy the ticket in case you want to travel with the fast boat from Semarang or the slow boat from Jepara.

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