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South Sulawesi is famous for its diverse culture, beautiful landscapes, and rich heritage. In Makassar, you’ll find busy markets, old landmarks, and tasty local food. Near Bira, you will find LiuKang Loe, a stunning island with white-sand beaches for relaxing and clear water for snorkeling and diving. Sengkang has Lake Tempe, where you can take a boat ride surrounded by green trees and traditional floating villages on the water. A trip to South Sulawesi wouldn’t be complete without visiting Tana Toraja. You can see unique traditions, special houses, and ancient graves in the cliffs, showing the interesting history of the Torajan people. Another great place in South Sulawesi is Rammang Rammang. It’s hidden among tall rocks and green valleys. You can take a boat ride through the rivers and see the amazing landscape that makes this area so special.


DAY 1:
Upon arrival at Makassar airport, a private car will be waiting for you. The driver will take you in around 1 hour to Hotel Aston Makassar, where you will stay in a deluxe room. If you still have energy in the afternoon/evening, you can explore the center of Makassar on your own.


DAY 2:

Today, you’ll drive for about 6-7 hours from Makassar to the harbor in Bira. If you feel like taking a break along the way, you can stop at Bissapu waterfall and you can visit the Phinisi boats. Upon arrival at Bira harbor, you’ll board a boat that will take you to Liukang Lui in just 15 minutes. You’ll check in at Homestay Ramli in the family bungalow. From your bungalow, you can step directly onto the beach and dive into the sea.


DAY 3 & 4:

On day 3 & 4 there are no activities planned, so you’re free to spend the days as you please. You can spend your day relaxing on the beach, swimming in the clear blue sea. Snorkeling and diving are popular here, allowing you to explore the colorful coral reefs and diverse marine life. These days provide the perfect opportunity to relax.


DAY 5:

After a delicious breakfast with the sounds of the beach and ocean in the background, you’ll board the boat again to take you back to Bira. From there, a private car with a driver will be waiting for you to take you to Sengkang, which is about a 6-hour drive away. In the afternoon you will visit with a local boat the traditional floating houses were you can witnessing locals doing their activities at the bank of the lake. Lake Tempe is a shallow lake surrounded by wetlands, adorned with traditional floating houses and a diverse population of magnificent birdlife. You will explore the lake in a long-tail boat. You’ll have the opportunity to visit a traditional floating house, where you can enjoy tea or coffee with the locals. After the tour, a private car will bring you to the BBC hotel were you will check in at a superior room. 


DAY 6:

Today, a private car will pick you up and take you to Rantepao to explore the Toraja Regency. You can make a stop at Bambapuang to see the erotic mountain of Buntu Kabobong. The journey will take about 6 hours. You’ll have lunch at a local restaurant on the way. When you arrive, you’ll check into Hotel Misiliana at a superior room. The hotel is strategically located between North Toraja and Tana Toraja, nestled in the mountains. You’ll find here a highland tribe known for their fascinating ceremonies, impressive architecture, and tasty coffee. It’s a peaceful sanctuary.


DAY 7 & 8:

During this two-day hiking tour, you’ll explore remote villages and stunning landscapes in Toraja. You’ll see amazing rice fields terraces, coffee fields and cocoa fields in the spectacular mountains. You’ll also have the chance to watch native people working in the rice fields. On the first day, you’ll hike for around 4-5 hours to a village located 200 meters higher than Rantepao. At the end of the day, you’ll have the unique opportunity to spend the night in a traditional Toraja house called a Tongkonan, giving you insight into their way of life. These traditional wooden houses are decorated with intricate carvings, providing an authentic cultural experience.On the second day after breakfast you will walk back to Rantepeo. You’ll return to the Misiliana Hotel were you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the hotel’s swimming pool.


DAY 9:

Today, a private car will pick you up at your hotel. You’ll have a guide with you to start your tour.

First, you’ll visit Lemo Noblemen Stone Grave, where ancient traditions are carved into the landscape. Then, you’ll go to Tampang Allo Natural Cave, a solemn burial place with a lot of history. Next, you’ll visit Suaya Royal Tomb in Sangalla, where Torajan royalty is honored. After a tasty local lunch, you’ll go to Kete Kesu Cultural and Heritage Village. Here, you’ll experience Torajan traditions.


DAY 10:

After breakfast, you will visit Pallawa Cultural Village to experience local traditions. Then, you’ll explore Deri Cultural Village and Lempo Village. After lunch, you’ll discover the ancient mysteries of Bori Village, famous for its megalithic sites and baby tombs suspended in trees, and visit the historic Londa Ancient Graveyard. If there is a funeral this will be included in the tour.


DAY 11:

Today, a private car will pick you up and take you to Rammang Rammang. The journey will take about 8 hours, passing through Bugis villages known for their traditional houses and the Enrekang district, famous for its beautiful mountain views. Lunch will be served at a seafood restaurant in Pare-Pare City. You will check in at the Eco Lodge. The Eco Lodge in Rammang Rammang offers you a unique experience surrounded by the natural beauty of the area. It’s nestled among limestone cliffs and lush greenery. Built with eco-friendly materials and designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape, the ecolodge follows principles of sustainability and conservation.


DAY 12:

In the morning, you will visit the stone park with a tour guide, where you can observe the unique rock formations. Take a short walk through the countryside, enjoying the peaceful rural atmosphere. Explore the captivating firefly cave and prehistory cave decorated with handprints on the walls, and visit angel pool. After lunch, you will go on a boat trip to Berua village. Here, you’ll have the chance to explore the village. You can end the day waiting for bats to fly out from the cave.


DAY 13:
After breakfast, a private car with a chauffeur will take you to the Makassar airport, which is approximately a 1.5-hour drive away.


The price is based on a private tour for a minimum of 4 persons. The price for more or fewer persons is available upon request.


    • Private car from Makassar Airport to Hotel Aston in Makassar
    • Private car from Hotel Aston Makassar to the harbour in Bira
    • Boat from Bira – Liukang Loe (return, including entrance fee)
    • Private car from the harbour Bira to Hotel BCC in Sengkang
    • Private car from Hotel BCC Sengkang to Hotel Misiliana Toraja
    • Private car from Hotel Misiliana Toraja to Eco Lodge Rammang Rammang
    • Private car from Eco Lodge Rammang Rammang to Makassar Airport
    • Floating Village Boat tour Sengkang (half day)*
    • Two days hiking tour in Toraja*
    • Two days cultural tour in Toraja*
    • One day nature tour in Rammang Rammang*
    • Hotel Aston Makassar | 2 deluxe rooms | 1 night
    • Homestay Ramli Liukang Loe | 1 family bungalow | 3 nights
    • Hotel BBC Sengkang | 2 superior rooms | 1 night
    • Hotel Misiliana Toraja | 2 superior rooms | 4 nights
    • Lokal Longkonan huis Toraja | 1 night
    • Eco Lodge Rammang | 2 double rooms | 2 nights
    • 12x Breakfast (every day), 4x Lunch (day 9, 10 ,11, 12), 3x Dinner (day 7, 11, 12)

    All tours are included tour guide, entrance fees and transportation


  • Other meals, snacks, drinks not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Other tours and activities not mentioned in the itinerary


To confirm your booking, we need to receive the full payment in advance. We will send you a payment link via Wise.


Once the payment is completed and the tour is confirmed, we are unable to provide a refund in the event of cancellation.


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