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North Sulawesi is famous for its beautiful nature and it’s a great place for people who like adventures and animals. Manado has busy streets with markets where local people sell fresh products, handicrafts and culinary delights. Not far from Manado is Tomohon, a town with mountains and valleys where the Minahasan people live. In Tangkoko National Park you will find many animals, for example black monkeys and tarsiers. You can explore lush rainforests and walk to hidden waterfalls in this pristine wilderness. Bunaken Marine Park is perfect for people who like swimming snorkeleling and diving. The water is crystal-clear with vibrant coral reefs, colorful marine life and beautiful underwater landscapes. Bunaken is paradise!


DAY 1:
Upon arrival at Manado airport, a private car will be waiting for you. The driver will take you to S Loft hotel where you will stay in a one-bedroom suite. If you still have energy in the afternoon/evening, you can explore the center of Manado on your own.


DAY 2:
After breakfast, a private car with a driver and tour guide will pick you up at your accommodation. You’ll drive in around 1 hour through the captivating landscapes and cultural wonders of the Minahasa Highlands. The first stop will be the majestic Mahawu Volcano. Feel the cool mountain breeze as you enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding lush valleys and distant peaks. Next, you’ll visit Lake Linow, famous for its changing colors, ranging from emerald green to turquoise blue. The journey will then continue to the serene Lake Tondano, nestled amidst verdant hills and picturesque countryside. After that, you’ll make a stop at the extreme market in Tomohon. Experience the vibrant hustle and bustle as locals gather to buy and sell an array of exotic delicacies, including bats, rats, and other unusual food. It’s a glimpse into the unique culinary traditions of the Minahasan people. After a day of exploration and adventure, the driver will take you in around 2.5 hours to Tangkoko, where you’ll check in at Tangkoko Hills in a standard double room.


DAY 3:
Your morning tour starts with a journey into the heart of the National Park, where you’ll have the chance to see a variety of wildlife in their natural home. Guided by our experienced tour guide, you’ll walk around 4-5 hours and look for exotic birds, monkeys, and tarsiers, known for their big eyes. Led by a knowledgeable guide, you’ll explore hidden trails in the surrounding area. Along the way, you’ll discover the unique plants and animals that live in Tangkoko. During the tour, the guide will tell interesting stories and share insights about Tangkoko’s natural and cultural history. After lunch you’ll take a boat ride along the mangroves to look for other species of Kingfishers, Herons, White-Rumped Cuckooshrikes and Sandpipers. Black Napped Terns and Frigate Birds will often be seen flying overhead.


DAY 4:

After enjoying a delicious breakfast with the natural sounds in the background, you’ll hop into the car as the driver takes you in around 1.5 hours back to Manado. From there, you’ll board a private boat that will bring you in 45 minutes to the tropical paradise of Bunaken. You will check in at 3 WILL Bunaken Dive Resort, which is located on Bunaken National Park. The hotel has a private beach. From the hotel you can explore many colourful snorkeling and diving spots with 390 species of coral. If you are lucky you can see turtles, mola mola ocean sunfish, whales, dugongs and dolphins.


DAY 5 & 6:

Day 5 and Day 6 are free to spend as you wish, allowing you to fully enjoy all that Bunaken has to offer. You can relax on the beach, soak up the warm sun and listen to the sound of the waves. For the adventurous people explore the colorful underwater world. You can also explore the island itself, walking along the coastline or trekking into the lush jungle. Or you can visit nearby villages and meet the friendly locals. These two days provide the perfect opportunity to relax.


DAY 7:
After breakfast, a private boat will take you back to Manado. At the harbor in Manado, a private car with a driver will be waiting for you to take you back to the airport in Manado.

The price is based on a private tour for a minimum of 4 persons. The price for more or fewer persons is available upon request.


  • Private car from Manado Airport to Hotel S Loft Manado
  • Private car from Tangkoko to Manado
  • Private boat from Manado – Bunaken (return)
  • Private car from Manado harbour to Manado airport
  • Tour from S Loft Manado to Minahasa / Tomohon and drop off at Tangkoko (full day)*
  • Walking tour & boat tour in Tangkoko (full day)*
  • Hotel S Loft | 2 One-bedroom suites | 1 night
  • Tangkoko Hills | 2 standard double rooms | 2 nights
  • 3x Breakfast (day 2, 3, 4), 1x Lunch (day 3), 2x Dinner (day 2, 3)

    All tours are included tour guide, entrance fees and transportation


  • Entrance fee for Bunaken National Park (IDR 150.000/person | pay cash in the harbour)
  • 3 WILL Bunaken Dive Resort | 2 Chalets | 3 nights | full board
  • Other meals, snacks, drinks not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Other tours and activities not mentioned in the itinerary


To confirm your booking, we need to receive the full payment in advance. We will send you a payment link via Wise.


Once the payment is completed and the tour is confirmed, we are unable to provide a refund in the event of cancellation.


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