Below you can read the conditions which apply when we arrange the tickets for the fast boat for you. Please let us know in case you have any questions about this.

We can help you buy the boat tickets starting from the last week of the previous month. We can only buy tickets if you send your request at least 48 hours in advance (if the boat tickets are not sold out yet). If you would like to book your tickets more in advance, we will note your booking in our calendar and contact you as soon as purchasing a ticket is possible.

We don’t offer this service in January and February. Due to the rain season the boat schedule often changes. It is possible that fewer or no boats are scheduled. You can contact us two days before your departure date and we can then inform you about the actual weather and wave conditions. You can buy the tickets directly in the harbor in case the boat is scheduled to depart.

It’s also possible for the boat schedule to change due to weather conditions or the rain season. If this happens we will contact you as soon as possible and inform you about the new schedule. If the boat is not departing on that day, you can change the date of your ticket to the next available fast boat (without extra charges) or you can contact us for a refund. The refund is 100% of the total price.

In case you are planning to come to Karimunjawa by airplane or ferry and you purchase only a fast boat ticket with us from Karimunjawa to Jepara, we can’t refund your money in case of changes to the schedule/delay of the ferry or airplane and you arrive a few days later on Karimunjawa, because these are separate companies.

Once the ticket is purchased, it is not possible to change the dates or sell the ticket to someone else. Your name is written on the ticket and you need to show your passport at the time of boarding.

You need to be present in the harbor of Jepara / Karimunjawa at least 60 minutes before departure time. We can’t refund your money in case you are too late and you miss the boat. It is your own responsibility to arrive in the harbor on time.

During boarding in Jepara the crew of the boat will ask you to pay a tourist tax of IDR 25.000 to enter the National Park of Karimunjawa. This is not included in the ticket price and can only be paid in cash when boarding.