Below you can read the conditions which apply when we arrange the tours for you. Please let us know in case you have any questions or remarks about this.

To confirm your booking we need to receive the payment for the tour at latest by 21.00 the evening before the day you want to go on the tour . You can pay this in cash or by creditcard at hotel The Happinezz Hills. In case you pay by creditcard 2% transaction costs will be added to your bill.

You can still cancel your booking until the evening before at 21.00. In this case you will receive a full refund.

In case you want to cancel on the morning of the tour because of the weather or sickness we can’t give any refund anymore.

The tour will not be cancelled if it’s raining, because in this condition the underwater world of Karimunjawa is still beautiful. It is possible we will leave one or two hours later after it stopped raining. The tour will be cancelled in case the weather is very bad with thunderstorms and it is not safe to go on the ocean. In case the guide takes this decision we will offer you a full refund. In case the tour still leaving but you decide not to join we can’t give you a refund.

In case you are not on the agreed location on time, the guide will wait maximum 15 minutes for you. After 15 minutes the group will leave. In that case we can’t refund your money. In case of a delay please contact us as soon as possible.

Transportation from your accommodation to the starting point of the tour in the harbour is not included.

The guide will decide on the schedule of the day based on the weather condition. We can’t make a promise we will visit the west side or the east side of the main island or visit any specific islands when you go on a sharing tour. If you do a private tour you can request specific islands. The guide with check the possibilities.

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