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Please fill in the form below. If the form doesn’t work please send us your request for boat tickets, tours or transport and your details (your name, email address, travel dates, number of persons and a photo of all passports) by email to

In general the boat company publishes the current boat schedule and sells the boat tickets at the end of the previous month. If you want to request boat tickets more than one month in advance, you can still fill in the form below with the days you prefer to travel. We will note your booking in our calendar and contact you as soon as purchasing a ticket is possible and we will inform you about the current boat schedule.

After arriving in Karimunjawa harbour the crew of the National Park will ask you to pay a tourist tax of IDR 5.000 for Indonesian / KITAS holder and IDR 150.000 (weekdays) / 225.000 (weekend) for western guests without KITAS to enter the National Park of Karimunjawa. This is not included in the ticket price and needs to be paid in cash after you arrive in Karimunjawa.

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