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Do you need a boat ticket? Would you like to visit the paradise Karimunjawa, but struggling to find out how to get there? For many tourists it is difficult to find all the information about the boat schedule to Karimunjawa. The information online is not written in English, not up-to-date or you will find conflicting information on various websites. For foreign tourists it’s also not possible to buy the tickets in advance from the main ticket office, payment is only possible from an Indonesian bank account or in cash.

On this website you will find all the up-to-date information and schedule of the fast boat from Jepara to Karimunjawa and from Karimunjawa to Jepara.
We advise you to buy your boat ticket in advance, especially for the weekends from May until October and during the holidays. During this time the fast boat often is already fully booked. We offer the service to buy the fast boat tickets for you for a small extra charge.

We can’t help to book the tickets for you in case you want to travel to Karimunjawa from Kendal, Semarang or by slow boat from Jepara.

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Karimunjawa Boat Ticket

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